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What are teenagers wearing today? What are the teen clothing styles?

The choice of a teenager’s bow depends on his preferences in style and clothing. Usually, in everyday life, teenagers like to wear jeans or pants with a hoodie or an oversize T-shirt.

Now young people have a lot of different styles for every taste and color. Here are some examples:

Dark academia
Teenagers who adhere to it like to wear trousers with a shirt and a sweater. In cold weather, they prefer coats and cozy scarves, and often use vintage accessories.

Indie kid
This style includes acid colors, cropped tops, straight-cut blue jeans, bright and slightly childish jewelry. Teenagers like to add neon paper clips, panama hats, things with a cow print to their image.

Goblin core
This style breathes the aesthetics of elves and herbalists. Teenagers who dress in this style like to wear plaid shirts, light white dresses, sneakers. People with this style are very creative, like long walks in nature.

Oversize outfits
This style involves the choice of large-sized items. It is allowed to wear whatever you want, as long as the emphasis is on things oversize. It can be either a loose T-shirt, or a large sweatshirt, or a tracksuit. It is important in this style not to forget about the correct combination of things.

This style is not divided into male and female. Teenagers can wear any things they like, but prefer dark colors. Usually, a daily bow can consist of various large T-shirts, jeans, jeans and sneakers or sneakers. From accessories, the choice of teenagers stops at chains, unusual belts, bracelets or bright socks.

Soft girl
This style is common among girls. All clothing in this aesthetic consists of two colors: white and pink. Soft girl most often has pink blouses, white socks and tennis skirts. These girls usually choose cute necklaces and earrings, hair clips and elastic bands, panama hats and rose-colored glasses from accessories. Another distinctive feature is makeup. They apply a lot of blush, glitter and draw hearts or clouds.

Teenage clothes are more about what is comfortable or beautiful?

Teenagers will always wear things they are comfortable in. Someone is more comfortable wearing jeans, and someone, on the contrary, does not like pants, preferring dresses or skirts. Here everything depends only on the preferences of a person and on his feelings in clothes.

What will today's teenager never wear?

This is an individual question, it all depends on the teenager. Now young people wear not only trendy bows, but also things from other times. Even cowboy boots, which, it would seem, have long gone out of fashion, are used by modern teenagers in their images. Very often teenagers can dig into the things of their parents or their grandparents and find things that they like.